Monday, April 30, 2012


Hubby and I had a GREAT time in Hawaii celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary! He definitely spoiled me with this trip! It was actually cut a day short though! :( We were due to leave out on the 21st... checked our luggage in and boarded the plane, sat there for 25 minutes then, the pilot came over the intercom stating that, the flight was canceled due to mechanical issues and the airport couldn't get us another flight out that day so, we ended up leaving on the 22nd. I was BUMMED at first until I got to thinking... better to be safe than sorry! It wasn't our day to fly and I was good with that! :) A few pics of our trip below!

Me & hubby :)

Rainbows everywhere you look!

 Luau - she was doing a wedding dance (hula)

Me - watching the sun set <3

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  1. Wow, you pics are just beautiful Julie!! I'm glad that you didn't fly that day. I think you were getting sent a sign not to. Better safe than sorry for sure! Happy Anniversary, so glad that you and hubby had an awesome time!!!