Thursday, September 19, 2013


WOW!! It's been forever since I posted last! So much has been going on these past few months. Went to Myrtle Beach on vacation in June... took lots of pics and I was like, "OH MY GOD, I LOOK HORRIBLE!!!" So I went on a diet! LOL!! I've lost 35lbs since July 1st!! YAY!! :)
July 12th                             Aug 12th
 Sept 12th
I still want to loose 25 more pounds. All of my clothes are HUGE on me right now but, I don't want to buy any until I'm done loosing weight. I did have to break down and buy a few pairs of capris, just to get me through the summer and fall months! :)
Also, for the past month, I have been working on craft fair items. This will be my very first craft fair and I'm SOOOOOOO EXCITED about it!! LOL!! I'll post pics as soon as I'm done with everything. The craft fair is Sept. 28th so, I better get my behind in gear and finish it all up!! :)
October 11th my husband, my self and my parents are going to take a week long trip out west. First stop will be in San Diego, CA to visit family then, to Las Vegas for the day/night then, to the Grand Canyon for the day!  I'm super excited that! :)
Well, I guess that's it! :) I'll get those pics posted soon!! :)
Hugs, Julie